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5 characteristics of a PRO makeup artist




Being creative is the name of the game.  Not being afraid to let your spirit free to  play with different colors and textures and seeing where it leads you is a part of the process.  Your creativity will allow you to carve your own way, while leaving your distinctive mark on all you have the pleasure of working with.  Be creative and know that it is okay to make mistakes to see what works for you and what doesn't.  





The one thing that is constant in life is CHANGE.  It is no different in the beauty business.  There is a definite foundation that must be set, however looks, trends and being "current" means that you must be willing to go with the flow of a changing environment.  You'll notice that somehow "old" things seem to become "new" in the world of beauty but you should be able to go where the waves take you.  Be open minded.  



Jameelah Happy




Choose your Personality Wisely!  A personable spirit will carry you farther than being able to do the most flawless face ever will.  People will hire you to be a part of some of the most important days of their lives.  Days that will be one that they will want to remember years to come.  They have chosen you because they feel that you are the best.  However, when you enter their space, know that some may be excited, anxious, nervous, scared, and unnerved.  It is part of your job to sense the atmosphere and not add to those unpredictable feelings.  A smile goes a long way.  Be confident in your work and bring a welcoming personality to whatever atmosphere you are blessed to create in.  More than anything else, be YOU.  That's who they hired.






Lolll....Organization.  It's laughable to me too, but I definitely try my best to be as organized as possible.  Being organized helps to improve your time and increases your likely hood of having the cleanest products/brushes as possible.  Use a system when setting up your work area.  Those items that you know will use most frequently should be closest to you while others can be a little farther away on your work space.  Things can definitely go array very quickly so do your best to reign in mess.


Be a Boss



You have decided that you will use your God given gifts to open doors for you.  You are now running a business and your love of makeup is not a hobby.  Businesses have rules, policies and systems that must be put in place.  There is paperwork that you must keep track of, licenses that you must investigate and routines enacted to make sure that you are not just busy but productive.  It's time to BOSS UP.  Your success depends on it.


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